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Meet Dr. Dena Snead

Shelby Medical Associates is proud to introduce Dena Snead, Doctor of Osteopathy.

Dena Snead, D.O. is a board certified physician of internal medicine who earned her medical degree from William Carey University College of Medicine in Hattiesburg, MS in 2015 and went on to complete her residency at Southeastern Regional Medical Center in Lumberton, NC earlier this year. She has been working with our clinic since July 2018.

An Osteopathic Physician
Dr. Dena, as the doctors and staff call her, focuses on primary care, but also has specialized training in dermatology. As an osteopathic physician, she is trained in understanding how the mind, body and spirit connect. With a “different approach to medicine,” Dr. Dena states that she sees patients “in a holistic manner, understanding that everything in the body affects everything else, and that we as people are influenced by a combination of our minds, our spirits, and our physical selves.”

When asked to describe the moment she chose to become a doctor, Dr. Dena replied:

“I was working with a vocational rehabilitation center as a volunteer during my sophomore year in Chapel Hill, NC. My interactions with the clients there made me realize that I wanted to be involved in everyday patient care, getting to know my patients long-term, and to build lasting and trusting relationships with them to help them through their life journey.”

Community Matters
A native of Clyde, NC, Dr. Dena was drawn to Shelby for the sense of community found in our small town. Along with her husband, Matthew, she plans to establish herself at our clinic and raise their family in the same rural surroundings that were a part of her childhood.

“When we visited here, we found such a great sense of community in Shelby, loved all of the activities and events offered in town, and met such wonderful and welcoming people. We felt at home here instantly and were so excited to call this home.”

Patients Matter
With an empathetic approach to patient care, Dr. Dena sees herself as both a teacher and a guide. She says, “I make every effort to listen to people and strive to let them know that I take their concerns seriously, while also trying to explain and teach as much as I can to allow people to understand what is going on with them. I like to work in partnerships with my patients and respect their feedback and ideas in every step of their health management.”

Shelby Medical Associates is very proud to welcome Dr. Dena to our practice.


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